Day 5, In Need of Supplies!

Avocado Toast in Captivity?!?!?!

So things are starting to get serious it seems. City and state governments are starting to recommend self quarantine, closing restaurants, bars, gyms, and movie theaters. There are obviously some people that are ignoring these recommendations (see Bourbon street and spring breakers on the beach). These people are clearly taking the point of view that they are not in the effected age demographics, so why should I interrupt my life?

Its Not About You

This is about all of us. All of us are going to experience minor inconveniences the next several weeks while we work through this as a planet. The goal here is to minimize spread to allow the hospitals a chance to care for the ones who are ill and for the doctors and scientists to try and find something that will stifle the outbreak.

It’s tough sitting here in my hotel room reading and listening to whats going on out there in the world. I’m not personally experiencing the slowly dwindling traffic on the roads, the empty grocery isles, or being in the house with kids for days on end, so it still feels a little surreal to me. Even though work is still going on and I’m attending meetings remotely you can just feel the underpinning of the concern that is starting to grow. Just how long will this last?

For those of us with loved ones (that’s all of us!) it will last as long as necessary to keep our families safe. This may mean adjusting to a new normal for a few weeks or even a couple months. The one thing that we can’t done now is to take action now and not change our behavior in the future.

Supply Drop!

Got the goods!

My wife was obviously a bit flustered when she brought me supplies the other day. I ended up with plenty of items for breakfast (maybe even too many) and only a few days worth of dinner supplies/meat. So she made another grocery run for me today. This time she managed to get me a few pasta meals that were pre-cooked and a couple of meal kits that I can make here in the kitchen (that will probably feed me for two nights).

So far eating healthy is going well. I’m limiting myself to no snacking except in the evenings, focusing on drinking water, and exercising every day. Also I managed to make home made avocado toast! Who says quarantine doesn’t have to have the finer things in life!

Goal Update

  • Get 8 Hours of Sleep- Check, Up bright an early for work today.
  • Eat Healthy- Check, Avocado Toast and Eggs for Breakfast, Sandwich for lunch, Lasagna and salad for dinner
  • Exercise Everyday – Check, Day 5 of 5. I can feel myself getting stronger even just being pinned up in this hotel room.
  • Still be productive- Check
  • Virtually date my wife (and talk to the kids)- Check. Made dinner together on FaceTime, spent some time talking to everyone.
  • Launch the blog –Complete, day 5 of 5 posting!
  • Read more – Check
  • Minimize TV/Internet/Video Games –Check, watched part of the 30 for 30 on Micheal Vick during lunch, played video games for a few minutes this evening (Trying to finish up Zelda!)
  • Relax- Getting pretty easy to relax in the evenings as I settle into my routine.

Have you needed more supplies yet? What do you think about the people not taking this seriously? Do you think these precautions are foolish? Drop me a note below!

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