Day 4 Missing Out….

We must keep moving forward!

Today is my second non working day of quarantine (Today is Sunday). So again I had a lot of time on my hands. I was better prepared today for the lack of things to do, it I’m definitely starting to get a little stir crazy. Having more time to think today made me realize on the things I’m missing out on. But first the positives!

Accomplishments for the day

I did manage to accomplish some things today. I finished gathering all of our tax information together to submit to our accountant. While I didn’t foresee not coming home 10 days ago when I left, I did have most of our tax preparation documents with me. I had been planning to work on them while at the hotel for the trade show, but quarantine has allowed me to get them finished. I also managed to watch a movie with the family. It wasn’t in the traditional sense with us sitting together, but the kids picked out a movie and they watched with mom at home, while I watched the same movie here in my quarantine hotel. Afterward we talked about what they saw and how the movie made them feel. It was another small thing to help us stay connected. I did other small things that are now becoming pretty routine; working out, washing the dishes, checking up on the status of the world. I did however have some time to think about what I am missing out on.

It can wait until I get back

Half finished project waiting for me….

I’ve got several projects around the house that I could be knocking out if I was quarantined at home and that is frustrating to me. While these are definitely things that will wait until I get back, it is somewhat demoralizing knowing I could be making better use of my time.

The things that can’t wait until I get back my wife is stepping up and taking care of them in my absence. This is defiantly hard on her, but she is rocking taking care of the kids and the added “man jobs” that I would normally do (she hates taking out the trash!).

The one thing that I truly am missing is the quite moments with the kids and my wife before we go to sleep. We still Face time and do our nightly routine where we pray together and give each other virtual hugs and kisses via Face time, but it’s getting hard on this dad. My kids have seemed to roll with the punches pretty well and don’t seem too affected by these crazy circumstances (kids are simultaneously tougher and more fragile than we realize), but I can’t wait to get home to hold them all again.

Outside world update

From seclusion it’s really hard to tell how the outside world is fairing. The news would have you believe one thing, out leaders another, and the traffic out my window makes it appear that at least some people aren’t making any changes. I did get a small glimpse into how the world as a whole is handling this as the following note was slipped under my door today:

Services on the decline….

I hope you guys are staying safe out there.

Goal Update

  • Get 8 Hours of Sleep- Check, Slept in again.
  • Eat Healthy- Fail? Cheat meal day, Eggs and Fruit for Breakfast, Sandwich for Lunch, and Nacho’s for dinner! (I had to eat the leftovers right?
  • Exercise Everyday – Check, Day 4 of 4. Shaun T still believes in me
  • Still be productive- Neutral, not a work day
  • Virtually date my wife (and talk to the kids)- Check. Watched a movie together
  • Launch the blog –Check, Post 3 is up!
  • Read more – Lazed around today
  • Minimize TV/Internet/Video Games –Neutral, it is the weekend after all? Watched the movie with the family and watched the premier of West World on HBO.
  • Relax- Check

Do you have any projects not getting done because of the virus? How else has it affected you? Drop me a note below!

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