Day 3, Nothing To Do….

Nothing to do….

After spending a few nights in my quarantine hotel, I’ve realized something. I’m going to need to plan my days out to make sure I don’t run out of things to do. Since this is my first day here where most of colleagues aren’t working (it is Saturday after all), there’s not much professional related work that can be accomplished. That however doesn’t mean there’s not things to do!

The Plan

Here is the list of things that I planned to do (and accomplished today)

  • Make breakfast with the family. Being apart doesn’t mean you have to be apart. I spent the morning Face Timing the wife and kids while we cooked breakfast together. I made fried eggs and toast while they made chocolate chip pancakes.
  • Get the blog finally setup, post the first article (you can find it here), and proof read the 2nd and 3rd Articles (you can find those here and here)
  • Plan other non Virus related articles for the blog. I have some good ones coming!
  • Exercise – Have to keep the streak alive!
  • Make sure my hotel room isn’t cluttered up (again lessons the anxiety)
  • Relax- I played some video games and watched an ESPN 30 for 30. These are really well done and great watches if you have any interest in sports at all. For reference I watched “The Last Days of Knight” about Bobby Knight’s tenure at Indiana coming to a close. They have a ton of these available on ESPN+ and can make for some great binge watching.

Tips for those in Isolation

Shaun T will transform you!

Being a naturally quiet and introverted personality probably makes this experience easier for me than most, but there are still things that make it difficult. Here are my tips for weathering the storm.

I miss my wife and kids dearly. I’m going on day 8 of not being with them. However just hanging out on Face time with them gives me a sense of being there with them. I think its important to remember those we love and why we are doing things like this to keep us motivated.

Don’t forget there is a light at the end of the tunnel. These times are only temporary, but the more that we commit to actions that will positively affect the global situation, the faster things will get back to normal.

Don’t forget your physical health and still exercise even when your stuck indoors. This is better for your mental health in these types of situations than you realize. Even just sweating for 30 minutes will help ease some tension and lesson your anxiety.

Watch the news enough to stay informed, but don’t over load yourself with it. The news has an amazing ability to both give us knowledge about what is happening in the world and what we can be doing to help, but also relays all the negative things happening as well. Don’t let yourself become to encumbered by the negative parts of the news.

Don’t be afraid to be vulnerable and realize that this is a major event in world history that will potentially effect millions of lives. It is OK to be emotional about it, just don’t let it break your spirit, because it will take all of us to move forward.

Finally “Just keep swimming.” Take it one day and one step at a time. This time will pass, but don’t let the things you will have to overcome overwhelm you all at once. The CDC is recommending measures to flatten the curve in regards to Health care (I discuss this in my previous post), but you need to take measures to flatten your mental curve. Don’t carry the mental burden of the entire process all at once. You can do this!

Goal Check – Day 3

Have to get the greens in!
  • Get 8 Hours of Sleep- Check, Slept in today!
  • Eat Healthy- Check, Eggs over medium, Toast and yogurt for breakfast, sandwich for lunch, Chef Salad for dinner.
  • Exercise Everyday – Check, Day 3 of 3. It only takes a few minutes a day to Transform your body!
  • Still be productive- Neutral, not a work day
  • Virtually date my wife (and talk to the kids)- Check. Made breakfast together (via Face Time) and talked with them often today
  • Launch the blog –Check
  • Read more – Read a few chapter in the book I am reading
  • Minimize TV/Internet/Video Games –Neutral, it is the weekend after all?
  • Relax- Check

Overall I think that I am doing well. I may get cabin fever some time over the next 10 days, but for now I’m focusing on the end!

What are you struggling with? Does self quarantine or this whole situation make you afraid? What are you doing to keep moving forward? Drop me a note in the comments below!

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