Day 1, Arrival Home…..

Home for the next 2 weeks?

My flight back was uneventful. The plane was half empty and most people either had a row to themselves or at least a seat in between them. You can feel it hanging in the air though, the uncertainty of everything that’s happening (and see all the hand sanitizer and face masks)

I walk through the terminal to catch an Uber to my house. I’m swinging by there to grab a bag my wife packed for me with clothes and supplies for 2 weeks. My In-laws and kids happen to be home when I’m there, but I manage to sneak into the garage unnoticed and I’m gone before they get a chance to see me. I don’t want to take a chance of any of them trying to talk to me.

Checking In

I drive to a Hotel a few miles from my house. Luckily there is an extended stay close by that has larger rooms with a small kitchen. Perfect for self quarantine. As I check in I mentally check out the hotel features and evaluate them for potential human interaction. The front door is automatic and the interior stairwell doors are propped open, so I wont have to touch anything on my way to the room.

I get settled in and realize its past lunch time and I haven’t eaten anything since I left the Hotel at the conference this morning at 6 AM. I decide to go through a local drive through and get a Caesar salad. Even this has a surreal feel to it as the attendee who takes my card has a face mask and plastic gloves on. I make it back to my room without having to interact with anyone else.

Is this real life?

I sit down to eat my lunch and turn on the TV alternating between ESPN and the news. As I eat I watch the NCAA conference tournaments, most who had decided the day before to play their games without fans in the stands, start cancelling the tournaments outright when its announce that an NBA player had tested positive for the virus.

On the news stations they are covering the world wide status of each country and the massive decline of the stock market. Its hard not to sit here and be concerned with all the negativity that is coming through the news. As the day goes on I find it hard to stay focused on work. The whole day has a weird feel to it. The only thing I can relate it to in my life time is the afternoon of September 11th and the day immediately after. From my small room you can feel the entire world start questioning how serious this really is. In turn local schools and events start announcing cancellations and extreme extensions of spring break.

Get out of the funk!

Supplies have arrived!

Luckily, my wife shows up with supplies before I can get too down on the world’s status. She had picked up groceries for me to start off my isolation. When she arrives we had worked out a system to prevent interaction: She had placed all of my groceries in the trunk area of her car and was going to open and shut it from the drivers seat so I wouldn’t have to touch anything. She gets me so much stuff it takes two trips to carry it all up to the room (up several flights of stairs no less!). Before I carry the second load up the stairs I’m able to tell her I love her (from an appropriate “social distancing” distance).

I busy myself putting my groceries away, but still end up with a lot of nervous energy. I decide to workout to burn off some of the anxiety. Sweating always helps you clear your mind and burns the calories. I finish the night off with some leftovers the wife had snuck in the groceries, Face Timing the family, and some TV.

Its been a long day, and I bet the days are going to get longer, but for now I am still in good spirits. It’s going to be important for all of us to stay positive over the coming weeks.

PS. Don’t look at your investment accounts right now, just trust me.

Goal Check

Dinner: Egg roll guts is a thing?
  • Get 8 Hours of Sleep- Check, was in bed by 11 PM
  • Eat Healthy- Check, Chicken Caesar Salad and Oranges for Lunch, Egg Roll Guts (I didn’t know that was a thing?) and fruit
  • Exercise Everyday – Check, Day 1 of 1. The apple watch even agrees!
  • Still be productive- Neutral, with traveling this morning and all this stuff going on it was hard to focus.
  • Virtually date my wife (and talk to the kids)- Check. I’m making a point to be more attentive on Face Time and when we are talking because of time apart.
  • Launch the blog – Check, I got the domain locked down and hosting setup
  • Read more – Fail, Didn’t really read much today outside of news and work
  • Minimize TV/Internet/Video Games – Neutral, I did watch a lot of TV today but most of it was news. The only “pleasure” watching I did was right before I went to bed. I’m watching Chernobyl on HBO. Its a fascinating look at watch happened, but it is very dark. May not be something to continue watching as it may affect my mood.
  • Relax- Check, there is something relaxing about just working out and focusing on dinner that normally doesn’t happen in everyday life.

Did you miss my first post on why I am self quarantining? You can find it here: I’m Going To Self Quarantine…

How are you faring? Has the virus affected your work or life yet? What are you doing to pass any extra time you have now? Drop a note in the comments and let me know!

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