Dear readers,

This blog is product of many house of thought and study of personal finance. I am by no means an expert, but I hope my insight can provide you with the means and confidence to make your life financially, professionally, and personally better. I am going to use this as a platform to share my opinion on all things personal finace (and some that are not), and as an accountability point for my personal goals.

A little bit about me: I’m married to the lovely Mrs. FireMan (Fire Woman?) and we are raising two small children in the Midwest. I am not actually a fire fighter, but I work in sales and she works in the medical field. Our Fire dream is a little bit different than most peoples. We are not interested in taking our expenses down as low as possible just to achieve the freedom of not having to work. We have both decided that we want to take our current lifestyle as is and be able to contently support that lifestyle with investments and passive income points.

While we both currently have old fashioned W2 jobs, our plan over the next several years is to open a business that will allow us to be much more flexible with our work commitments.

I hope you enjoy this ride with us and if you have any questions just drop us a line!